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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where to Buy Victorias Secret Closeout Without a License

Victorias Secret Wholesale
Authentic Closeout is the only place in the United States where ANYONE can walk into the store and buy Victorias Secret Wholesale WITHOUT a wholesale license!
In addition to Victorias Secret Wholesale, Authentic Closeout also carries many of your favorite name brands for fine lingerie, such as Fredericks of Hollywood, Body Form, and many more!

If you are like me you’re a true bargain shopper and you’re probably wondering how much a piece of Victorias Secret costs at Authentic Closeout. Well, our stock changes almost weekly, but most of the time you can get closeout Victorias Secret Bathing Suit tops below closeout prices! A top will run you about $7. And you can also get a pair of Mix N Match Victorias Secret bottoms for about $6! So for less than $20 you can get the whole VS suit! That’s cheaper than buying a no-name brand suit at Wal-Mart!

In addition, we also carry closeout Victorias Secret makeup, wholesale Victorias Secret bras, panties and more! It’s totally worth checking out!

You can visit us at our location in Michigan inside of Gibralter Trade Center.

Gibraltar Trade Center's Taylor location is easy to get to from any direction. Being located on I-75 just minutes from I-94, 96 and I-275 makes it instantly accessible for customers and vendors alike.
Come visit us for awhile and see what makes Authentic Closeout the hottest store in the Midwest!

GIBRALTAR TRADE CENTER - 15525 Racho Rd., Taylor, MI
is located 12 miles South of Detroit, Michigan.
I-75 and EXIT 36 (Eureka Rd)

Authentic Closeout, Below-Closeout, LLC, and all other companies related to Authentic Closeout / Below-Closeout, LLC have no affiliation with Victoria's Secret. Authentic Closeout / Below-Closeout, LLC is an independent organization which operates as a seprate entity entirely from Victoria's Secret. All products sold through Below-Closeout LLC and surrounding companies are purchased directly from Victoria's Secret and include closeouts, liquidations and overstocks. All products sold through Below-Closeout and surrounding companies are 100% authentic Victoria's Secret products.

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